Substance Abuse & Addiction Treatment Services of Community Mental Healthcare

Treatment and ongoing support help you recover from alcohol abuse, heroin/opiate addiction, prescription drug addiction, and other drug addictions. Addiction is a disease that not only affects an individual, but also impacts all of those who are also involved in their life.

Community Mental Healthcare offers a variety of confidential services for those who are struggling with abuse or addiction. With offices located in Dover, New Philadelphia, and Carrollton, we make it as easy as possible to for those living in Tuscarawas and Carroll counties to get treatment. For information about transportation services, please contact us using the information found HERE.

If you are experiencing an emergency, such as an overdose, call 911 immediately.

Community Mental Healthcare 24/7 Crisis Hotline:

Tuscarawas Crisis Line: 330.343.1811
Carroll Crisis Line: 330.627.5240

Alcohol, Heroin/Opiate, Drug Addiction Counseling:

An individual who is seeking recovery from substances such as alcohol, heroin, opiates, painkillers, or other drusg may prefer the privacy and confidentiality that only face-to-face counseling can offer. Community Mental Healthcare’s individual counseling is comprehensive and coordinated, and may vary in intensity. The counseling sessions are designed to assist the individual achieve goals for recovery and independence. Appointments can be made with an individual counselor.

Group Counseling:
An individual who is seeking recovery from substance abuse may prefer counseling delivered in a group setting. The group is led by a highly skilled facilitator. The strength of group counseling is the built-in nature of multiple individuals within the group and the peer to peer support it offers. Group counseling for substance abuse is offered every Tuesday at Community Mental Healthcare’s Dover location from 4pm to 530pm.

Medication Assisted Therapy: (MAT)
Successful recovery from heroin or opiate addiction requires a unique and long-term commitment from the individual and care provider. With built-in accountability and urine drug testing, our medically supervised program utilizes the prescription drug Suboxone to decrease the withdrawal symptoms, while offering both individual and group counseling. As a leader in the community, we are constantly evaluating new medicated treatments. Call us and talk to one of our counselors about treatment options.

Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP)
This intense group counseling session consists of eight weeks of therapy that focuses on recovery, coping skills, and redefining one’s life without abusing substances. Members of the group are encouraged to develop a network of peers in the group for further support while remaining addiction-free. In addition to being a part of IOP, each member also is required to see an individual counselor. IOP meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4pm to 7pm. The group is facilitated by a licensed counselor who specializes in addiction services. Anyone struggling with addiction can join the group following an intake assessment.


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