School-Based & Children/Adolescent Counseling

Behavioral Health Services in the School Environment

Community Mental Healthcare provides school-based counseling services for students and Families in several school districts in Tuscarawas and Carroll counties.

School-based counseling provides students and their families with a direct connection to licensed counselors and case managers in the schools. Our clinicians work closely with teachers and support staff to coordinate individualized care plans aimed at helping students learn at their highest potential.

CMH offers the following services for youth ages 3 to 17:

• School-Based Counseling
• Group Therapy
• Individual Counseling
• Case Management

Community Mental Healthcare provides school-based counseling services in the following school districts in Tuscarawas and Carroll counties: Dover City Schools, New Philadelphia City Schools, Tuscarawas Central Catholic, Carrollton Exempted Village Schools, Carroll Hills, Malvern, Buckeye Career Center, and all Head Starts in Tuscarawas and Carroll counties.

How we help.

Every individual receives a comprehensive assessment to ensure an accurate, individualized, and appropriate treatment plan. Among the more common behavioral health issues we help students and families with include:

• Grief & Loss
• School Problems
• Poor Attention Span
• Anxiety (including performance-related anxiety)
• Anger Management/Low Frustration Tolerance
• Depression
• Disruptive behavior
• Trauma
• Irritability
• Interpersonal Conflicts
• Family Therapy

Psychiatric Services

In cases where the student may require medications to assist in managing their behaviors or moods, psychiatrists are available at Community Mental Healthcare’s Dover location near Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital in Dover, Ohio. Services are maintained during summer breaks through group activities and individual and family counseling.

Who qualifies for school-based counseling?

Our therapists are able to see individuals covered by Medicaid and, in most cases, private insurances. Case Management services are available to individuals covered by Medicaid. A sliding-fee scale (self-pay) option also is available. Our staff will work with families to identify service eligibility.

Taking the First Step

To learn more about our school-based services, call CMH at 330.343.3050 if you live in Tuscarawas County, or 330.627.4313 if you live in Carroll County. You may also contact your school's principal or guidance counselor.

Beyond behavioral health.

Community Family Health Center, a program of CMH, provides primary care and dental services for individuals of all ages. The health center accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance. A sliding-fee scale (self-pay) option also is available.


All services provided by CMH are strictly confidential. Private health information will not be shared unless written authorization is obtained.